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Hoa Management San Diego

Hoa Management San Diego

Do you need help managing a commercial rental property? Citadel Properties can offer you a start-to-finish solution by managing every aspect of your rental, from collections and tenant screenings to maintenance and bookkeeping. You may have thought that hiring a property management lowering your profit margin. Still, there is clear evidence to show that the opposite is in fact true- you’ll most likely increase your bottom line when you hire an experienced, reliable property management agency.

5 Reasons to Hire Citadel Properties

1. Our staff can resolve conflicts as they arise from time to time, whether it’s issues relating to rent payments or something altogether different- you’ll know for certain that problems will be quickly addressed. There is a peace of mind that comes from knowing that your tenants’ needs are being taken care of without delay through Citadel Properties’ HOA management in San Diego.

2. Choosing an experienced property manager means your policies will be reinforced without bias, and that all of your tenants are treated equally under the rules and regulations you’ve established. Citadel Properties can assist you in creating new policy as the need arises, as well. We know that our clients rest easier when operations at their rental run smoothly; we’re here to ensure you never have to worry about policy being ignored.

3. Many agencies offering HOA management in San Diego outsource bookkeeping and auditing services and pass along the bill to their clients; that’s not how we do things at Citadel Properties. We offer a complete suite of administration services that includes:

  • Budgeting
  • Late notices
  • Income tax assistance
  • Escrow
  • Internal audits
  • Collections
  • Bookkeeping
  • Reserve studies
  • Bill payment
  • General ledger
  • Assessments

If you need additional administrative duties added to the list of bookkeeping services offered by our staff, we’ll schedule a sit-down meeting to discuss changing our contract. Know for certain we have your best interest as our focus.

4. We’ll keep a close eye on resource usage to minimize costs and increase your profit margin. There’s a good reason so many homeowners association agencies hire our staff to manage their rental properties- we’re looking out for our clients, day and night, with special interest in maximizing your bottom line.

5. We know you want the right tenants occupying your rentals. New tenant screening is perhaps the most important service we provide at Citadel Properties, although it is certainly closely followed by vacancy management.

Browse our complete list of services offered on the Citadel Properties website and contact us for affordable HOA management in San Diego. We’re confident you will find there’s no better agency to hire when you need a reliable, experienced team taking care of your commercial rental.

Get to know us better by scheduling a consultation when you call our office at 619-487-9977 or use our Web form to request a new client proposal. You’ll find additional information when you click ‘About’ and explore the free resources found on our site- we’re here to help in every way.

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